GWR On Channel 5

Great Western Recycling have featured recently on the Channel 5 programme Britain’s Parking Hell.

Our Director and driver Aled Rees had the pleasure of hosting a camera crew in the lorry back in 2018 and the series aired on Channel 5 in August 2019. The series is about the growing problem of parking on our streets in the UK.

Over the 2 days the production team were out with Aled, they filmed the difficulties he comes across on the day to day of doing his job around Bristol. Aled can be seen skillfully manoeuvring around parked cars around the tight streets of Bristol as he empties the bins early in the morning.

Aled said:

“The parking situation in Bristol is getting worse and worse. People just don’t seem to think about where they are parking and the consequences of doing so. If I cant get through, someone doesn’t have their bin emptied. But my vehicle is the same size as a fire engine, people need to realize that they could be putting someones life in danger.”

The series can be watched on Channel 5 Catch up here.